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Every Holder Bedding mattress is made right here in

Lafayette, IN

Thin Stripes

So, how do we make your

Next Mattress?

All of our double-sided mattresses available at Holder Bedding have been created right here in our Lafayette, Indiana factory. We oversee the creation from start to finish to guarantee quality and provide you with the best product possible. Learn how our manufacturing process works by reviewing our mattress timeline.

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Our Process


Step 1 - Inner Springs

We start with the best quality inner springs in the business


Step 2 - Layering

Then, oversized comfort layering is placed on top of the spring and is attached to both sides with twice as many fasteners as a typical mass-produced mattress. We don’t cut corners.


Step 3 - Sewing

More comfort layers are then quilted into the cover and a machine sews it together and quilts a pattern into the new mattress that makes it more stylish while holding it together better.


Step 4 - Cover

The cover is then cut to size, and the edges are finished with a flanger, which sews a nice lip around the sides as it cuts off extra material.


Step 5 - Edging

Finally, a tape edge machine closes it all up and provides the finishing touches on what becomes a premium holder mattress!

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